Welcome to one of America’s greatest amateur road racing facilities! With its’ rolling terrain and open spaces, HPR is technical, challenging and very safe. Virtually every weekend from April through October is packed with high speed action with amateur clubs hosting events ranging from track days and driving schools all the way to wheel-to-wheel racing. With events for all types of cars and motorcycles, there is something for everyone at High Plains Raceway. We also have HPR run Open Lapping Days and Time Trials events that give everyone a safe and legal environment to explore the performance envelope of your vehicle.
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HPR is open all winter!

Don’t forget that you can still satisfy your need for speed all winter long at High Plains Raceway!  After the race season is over we start our “winter” program, which has lapping days tentatively scheduled every weekend.   Obviously we need a clean, dry track, and we need at least ten people to register ahead of time for the day to be held as scheduled.  Learn more >>

View the HPR Calendar

Before you book any lapping days, check out our convenient online calendar.  Learn more >>

Come and Watch!

Don’t have a racing vehicle? Then come and watch your racing friends at HPR!  Learn more >>

Go Racing / Member Clubs

A great place to start if you are looking to race at HPR or join a club.  Learn more >>

Drive the Track

Getting out on the track is easy using our Open Lapping Days Registration.  Learn more >>