High Plains Raceway Time Trials

The HPR TT is designed as a place for street vehicles to stretch their legs, and as a way for drivers to log an accurate and official time at HPR.  EVERY driver who participates in the HPR TT program will have their fastest time displayed here for the remainder of the calendar year. 

Current Standings:


  • No participants


  • Lee Cameron 8/29/2014 – 2013 Lancer Evolution 2:11.592


  • Scott Dunn 8/29/2014 – 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 2:02.915
  • Mark Thurston 6/6/2014 – 2012 370z Nismo 2:13.960


  • No participants


  • No participants



The rules are pretty simple:

  • All vehicles must show current registration and current insurance documents with VIN’s matching the vehicle.
  • All vehicles must have fully operational headlights, taillights and turn signals.
  • In order to compete in their assigned displacement class vehicles must have DOT tires with a minimum tread wear rating of 200.  Cars with DOT tires bearing tread wear ratings below 200 must compete in the next higher displacement class.
  • Non DOT tires are not allowed in any class.


  • Each entry gets one attempt which consists of a warm up lap, two timed laps and a cool down lap.
  • Attempts will be made in groups of four cars, sent at 25 second intervals.
  • No passing allowed, if you catch the vehicle in front of you, you’ll get a re-run. We will group cars accordingly to avoid traffic problems.
  • Time penalties will be assessed for dropped wheels, spins, etc.
  • Note that the entry fee DOES NOT include any lapping time that day. If you would like to get warmed prior to your timed run there is the option of buying discounted lapping time packaged with the Time Trials entry. See the Time Trials registration page for more details.

Lap time records will be kept in the following five classes:


  • Up to 2.0L naturally aspirated


  • Over 2.0L up to 3.5L normally aspirated
  • Up to 2.0L forced induction
  • TT1 cars with any DOT tire lower than 200 tread wear


  • Over 3.5L naturally aspirated
  • Over 2.0L up to 3.5L forced induction
  • TT2 cars with any DOT tire lower than 200 tread wear


  • Over 3.5L forced induction
  • TT3 cars with any DOT tire lower than 200 tread wear


  • TT4 Cars with any DOT tire lower than 200 tread wear

When is it?

  • See the HPR Calendar for the event dates (look for HPR Time Trials on Fridays)

 Event Schedule:

  • Registration 3:00 – 3:30
  • Tech 3:30 – 4:30
  • Drivers meeting 4:30
  • First run 5:15
  • Expect to be done by 6:30


  • $100